About Quality Floor Sanding

We are a professional wooden floor restoration company with over 20 years of experience, our staff are friendly and helpful.

We can restore all types of wooden floors from floorboards to parquet.

Our main business is sanding and finishing the floors, we have all the latest dust free sanders including belt, trio, edger, corner, orbital sanders and buffing machines.

On the finishes we can offer lacquer/varnish, oil, hard wax oil, lye. white wash, grey wash, paint and stain if you want the floor colour changed or a finish of your choice.

Draw on over 30 years of Sanding floors’ experience

Lacquer/varnish we apply 3 coats in total.

Oil and hardwax oil we apply 2 coats in total.

First the floor has to be washed with a mop using intensive cleaning product especially designed for this process and it takes 6 hours for it to be ready for the second stage then saturate the floor with a wet application of Softwood Lye. This is followed soon after by a damp clean with Intensive Wood Cleaner to remove residue of the Lye. The wood needs to dry for at least 8 hours, but preferably overnight. In stage 3 you apply oil to the floor and buff-in the bulk of the protective oil resins as well as more white pigments into the surface. You must remove excess oil with cloths so that the surface is damp not wet with oil. Stage 4 is a repetition of the oiling process.

If staining we would only apply 2 coats lacquer/varnish as the stain acts as the prime coat.

Stain works by penetrating in to the wood lacquer/varnish lays on top.

Oil and hard wax oil penetrate the wood, hard wax oil is the only finish that can have scratches spot touched up.

We can apply a sample patch of stain, white or grey wash on your floors as they all react differently depending on wood type.

We normally apply stain with a brush, lacquer/varnish with a roller and oil with a buffer.

Finishes can be in matt, satin and gloss in certain cases, we also offer a hard wearing lacquer/varnish for commercial use.

We can replace floorboards and parquet blocks from our reclaimed wood contacts getting a very near or sometimes perfect match to your existing floors.

We often refurbish stairs and even wooden kitchen worktops and table tops.

We can re stitch concrete fire hearths and replace with wood so it looks like there was never a concrete block there in the first place.

We can also fill the gaps between boards/blocks with either a resin mixed with sawdust for smaller gaps or a draughtex seal which could also have the resin filling on top or finally wooden strips for larger gaps.

Resin alone is only really suitable for very small gaps or on parquet and T & G boards as thinner floorboards that are springy can cause the mixture to crack and fall through.

We can also lay any type of wooden flooring from floorboards, tongue and groove boards, solid wood floors, parquet, finger parquet, engineered and laminated floors whether the fitting is to joists, concrete or plywood sub floor with or without an underlay.

We can also fit beading if required and cut doors down if necessary

Our sanding and fitting teams have years of experience and are directly employed by us, we do not sub contract out.

Because of our teams we can do any size of job from a few square metres to 6500 square metres at William Goodenough College in London.

We cover London and the Home Counties.

Domestic and commercial work including many schools, restaurants, hotels , offices, church halls, and pubs.

We can work weekends, bank holidays and even nights.

We offer a free survey service where our operative will visit your property measure and give advise before we submit a price for the work, or you can contact us by e mail or telephone.

We are members of The British Wood Flooring Association, The Guild Of Master Craftsmen and Checkatrade
We are CIS registered, have public liability insurance and are VAT registered.

We have a list of testimonials if you would like to see them and a list of repeat customers.